Pendulum for a new hall at Frankfurt trade fair.
26.10.2018 |
Frankfurt, October 2018
Ingo Maurer designed the "Flying to Peace" installation for the North Foyer of the new Messe Frankfurt Hall 12. The hall was inaugurated in October 2018.
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Discontinued products 2018
17.10.2018 |
This year we take some products from the collection. Some are unique designs that have been typical of Ingo Maurer's creativity since 1966. In a way, they are collector's items, as they have always been sold in small quantities. You can find an overview under the menu item Products - Selection.
Whether we will be able to produce these models again in the future also depends on the possibilities of procuring the necessary components. The stock is limited.
Sport Schuster
11.10.2018 |
Munich, October 2018
Since 9 October 2018, our light installation consisting of 102 inflatable light elements has been illuminating the entrance area of the Sport Schuster.
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